Private Creativity Coaching-

Amy would love to work with you one on one to help you gain freedom and grow in skill in your creative practice. She will work with you to tailor your sessions to your specific needs to help you remove obstacles to growth and freedom. If you struggle with perfectionism, limiting beliefs or fear surrounding your art making Amy can help you change your mind and find a path forward. If you are struggling with which direction to move in with your artwork, Amy can help you to develop your muscles in composition, color and design and help you develop your own unique artistic voice.

Mentoring has been a key component in Amy’s own artistic, spiritual and personal growth. She believes that mentoring is key for discovering a path to freedom and joy. Coaching and mentoring are her favorite part of her own creative journey. Amy has a strong faith in Jesus Christ and her faith is a integral part of the coaching process. However, she is willing to work with artists of any faith.

“There is nothing more exciting than watching a client ‘get it’ and make a big leap forward in their creative process.” -Amy


There are two options for private coaching with Amy.

Option 1- In Person

Work with Amy in her studio for a hands on exploration that is uniquely tailored to you and your goals. In person sessions must be booked in advance and are held at Amy’s studio in Seven Lakes, NC. The cost is $50/hour and a minimum of three hours is required. Multi-day packages are available.

Option 2- Online

Online Coaching Starts with a minimum six week session. During the six weeks, you will have a once per week forty-five minute coaching video call with Amy. You and Amy will have access to a private album where you can post your artwork and homework for her to see and comment on. She will assign weekly homework based on the video coaching sessions. You will be able to correspond with Amy via message throughout the six weeks with questions, and discussion. The six weeks session is $270. Discounts are available if you wish to commit to and pre-pay for more than six weeks.

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